Work Before Empowerment Camp

My daughter is very excited about the Empowerment Camp, but she is really looking forward to doing something all summer that was going to make a big difference in her rowing.  She recognizes she needs to improve "the machine" and wants to start that improvement program now and not wait until August to get it right and make real progress. 

All the Empowerment Athletes will get a RSR training program for Coach Holly to do over the summer- starting in June. This is a RSR OYO Program (On Your Own). They will get a google doc with all the recommended workouts and a column to track their workouts so that we can see them and provide some feedback. They will also be paired up with another RSR athlete to have an accountability partner and then they can start getting to know each other. 

All athletes will also be completing a detailed food journal for the month of June that will allow us to look at the fuel baseline and also provide some feedback. Carla is amazingly offering her nutritional mentorship-personal planning services at a reduced rate (20%) to all RSR athletes- so a RSR athlete could start a detailed fueling program with Carla. That is just $64 a month for RSR athletes  for a 3 month contract. This way an athlete could start ASAP with Carla and then continue those detailed nutritional mentorship AFTER the camp. I think this will be amazing for any athlete ready to start making some improvements and will be less than $200! 

All Empowerment Athletes will also get 5 RSR Mental Skills Homeworks from Coach Holly- this allows us to gauge where their mind is in terms of approaching, completing and recovering from a workout. They will also participate in some mindfulness exercises and be asked to write about it- mindfulness in sport and eating... we all probably should be doing this :)

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