College Recruiting Guidance

Several of my RSR athletes and RSR parents have asked me about recruiting consultants. As you guys know, I am not a recruiting consultant. I try to help my athletes ask the question: "Do I want to row in college? And if so, do I want to try to be recruited." 

There are some companies that do offer recruiting consulting and the two I have the most familiarity with are Sparks Consulting and Rower's Edge. Both of these companies offer tailored programs to guide you through the recruiting process - which can be confusing and overwhelming for athletes and parents. I am sure that there are other outfits that will help you with this process, but these guys SPECIALIZE in rowers and only work with rowers and I believe that is a true asset. 

The best time to start talking to one of these companies is going into your junior year and both will offer you an initial consult to discuss what you want to do and what they can do. I encourage you to reach out them if you are interested in hiring a consultant. 

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