RSR develops programming to help athletes understand, identify, and then influence their own mental game.  


We do this through:


Educating athletes on research-based mindset science and evidence.


Providing the space and time for personal reflection to identify current thoughts.

Strategies & tools

Introducing coping mechanisms and tools to manage performance stress, fear and self-doubt.

The Ready Set Row® (RSR) Mental-Game Clinic is for any sport team or club.

RSR provides 1/2 day and Full Day Clinics. We focus on mental skills coaching and practice distress tolerance, mental toughness and emotional management to improve performance and confidence.

  • Ready Set Row

    “These clinics are very inspiring and help me reflect and remember how to be headstrong.”

    Alex Hart




Ready Set Row® Coaches work with athletes of all sports since they all face the same struggles:

  • Performance correlating with self worth;
  • Pressure and stress exceeding their limits; and
  • Lack of perspective and balance resulting in loss of motivation and joy.

We reframe the athletes’ mindsets by educating them on the role and importance of macro and micro compasses, the role of fear in their behavior, and the process to change habit loops while using Personal Inflection Points (PIPs).

Athletes then engage in personal reflection applying RSR tools allowing each athlete to customize her/his/their programming. At the end of the training we practice important performance skills such as preparation, performance and the ability to redirect.


Ready Set Row

“Fear is the thief of opportunity”

Ready Set Row Coach

Rowing Team Mental Game Clinics

The RSR Coaches often working with rowing teams on the ergs, due to the huge mental demand of our sport.

The erg is a great and necessary tool to help you become a faster rower. Unfortunately, many rowers view it as a chore or even a torture device. We have found that most junior and college-level athletes find themselves often in a state of anxiety around the erg. The reason for this is because they have the perception that they are ill-prepared or lack the skill to perform at a certain level and meet a perceived challenge.

RSR helps to break down these perceptions and then provide a framework for you to strategically train and perform so that you know you have done the work and have the skill to execute.

  • Ready Set Row

    “I wouldn't have ever thought about a lot of those topics on my own, so I learned a lot! I will definitely be practicing adjusting my mindset the rest of the season and take what I learned into college because it was very useful.”

    Denise Devlyn

Bring RSR to you

RSR Coaches travel to your club, team or school to work directly with the athletes in person.