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I love to educate the athlete about different “mental roads” they have the opportunity to use when working with habits. I love the fact RSR informs the athlete the “old road (habit)” will still be present in your mind, you can see it but that doesn’t mean you need to take that road. The athlete can start to create a “new road (habit)” that helps support them towards their goals. Oh lordy, I love working with the athletes through this transition of how to build new roads/habits and giving them the tools to know they can control their thoughts. It gets me pumped up thinking about it!

One of my favorite improvements for myself since working with RSR is the acknowledgement that I can be BRAVE but still acknowledge I have the emotion of “fear” in a situation. This thought has made me more empowered with my actions to do things that make me feel extremely uncomfortable. For example, last night instead of killing a spider I found in my kitchen with a shoe, I challenged myself to take it outside and let it live. I mean I frantically ran with it outside verbally saying to myself “I’M BRAVE! I’M BRAVE”. While my husband was probably thinking where’s the fire? I like how this improvement of mindset has helped me with small and large tasks that “life” brings.

When I look back on the person I was when I started rowing at 14yrs old compared to the person I am now 20yrs + years later, I am extremely proud of the qualities the sport of rowing has challenged me with to help me evolve into a humble, confident, self-compassionate, challenge seeking woman.

What took me decades to learn for myself in my rowing career, RSR is teaching athletes at the beginning. I can’t imagine the even “stronger force” I would have been if I had the mindset I do now when I was at the beginning of my competitive rowing career at 14yrs old. The mindset to: except challenge, have self-compassion, be confident in my ability, to always keep learning and not succumbing to the thought of failure; took me 20+yrs of me figuring out. It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING RSR puts a concentration on all of this in their training so athletes can be coached at this level while they are still young and growing.


I love coaching, and helping all athletes find their place in this sport. I look forward to working with you!  

1:1 Virtual Coaching

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4 x 30min sessions