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We pride ourselves on our coaching style - mixing instruction, motivation and mentorship. We have helped over 78% of our athletes reach an ERG personal record (PR) either at a summer camp or through indoor training (privates, virtual or group). We have offered guidance to many of our athletes who have gone on to pursue rowing at the collegiate level. 


Athletes reported the following after rsr 2017-2018 (n = 161):


Rowing Recruiting & Scholarships

RSR athletes have gone on to the following College Rowing Programs: 


  • Thank You...your program worked at giving our daughter the self tools to boost both her mental and physical abilities and to really go after what goals she has set. Breaking her 2k was a HUGE confidence booster and since she arrived home she PR'd on her 5k. She has come home with such a desire to be faster & stronger. She's walking a little taller and with more confidence! Thank you all for such a tremendous experience.

  • Coach Holly - we feel so lucky that our daughter had the opportunity to come to your camp. It seemed like the perfect program and it was more that that - she came away being a more brave and confident person, a better rower, and having new friends she hopes to have for a lifetime. I know without even asking her that she would love to come to another one of your programs in the future. We honestly could not suggest any improvements b/c the program was more than we expected, and our daughter benefited from it in so many different ways. The huge PR on her 2K was a nice bonus as well!

  • Coach Holly's RSR program did more for our daughter in 4 weeks than we ever thought possible. Not only is she a more confident and stronger rower, she came home a more resilient and balanced individual ready to take on anything. This is a great program for a rising senior.


  • Thank you for giving me this opportunity. It was intense and difficult, but I loved it. I learned a lot about myself and grew more as a person and a rower. I'm so glad I came to this camp! Thank you for pushing me!

  • Thank you. This camp helped me develop as a coxswain in ways I didn't even know I could develop. I feel like you took the time to consider my abilities and didn't just look over me. You believed in me which is what I have lacked in the past.

  • Thank you so much for a challenging, crazy difficult, fun, and rewarding camp.

  • The writings make my thoughts permanent and visible.The workouts trained strength and technique in a different way than before. The coaching was also a different style than what I've experienced which was compatible with my competitiveness and desires. The coaching pushed me physically and mentally to be more & do more.

  • I think that throughout the camp, writing down how i felt and really exploring my feelings and attachment to the sport and distress that comes with it helped me to grow. I got close with my teammates, girls that i will see in college and keep in touch with forever. The coaching and work helped us all to grow closer and really search for what we see value in and apply it to a sport.

What RSR Athletes learned about themselves...

I am stronger than I thought I was - both mentally and physically.

If you want something, you have to earn it. No one is going to hand it to you.

I am tough.

I have mental setbacks, but I don't have to feed them.

The past is the past, you can't change what happened. You can only do it differently in the future.

I wouldn't be where I am without Coach Holly.