Love the Fight

“I am building an army of courageous young leaders who seek challenge in spite of fear.”

Coach Holly (Harvard ‘01)

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At Ready set row (RSR), we fortify athletes.  

We build your internal capacity to do hard things.

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We see sport as one of the most effective mediums, especially for young athletes, to learn critical life skills and build confidence.

Our programs teach the skills and tools necessary for physical fitness, technical proficiency and mental fortitude.

Our coaches offer the support and mentorship to fortify athletes and cultivate mental toughness as they tackle challenges and obstacles in their pursuit of excellence.

  • Ready Set Row

    “READY SET ROW ® (RSR Elite Camp) takes a holistic approach and truly cares about these young women: mind, body, and soul. They will be challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally in a safe environment where the focus is on their growth and who they are far beyond the water or an erg. These women walk away stronger, more confident, and knowing themselves better...RSR Elite is building women up and teaching them how to do the same.”

    RSR ELITE ‘21 and ‘22 Parent

virtual programming

brave your 2K 

Mindset Coaching Jan 7-Feb 25, 2024 to prepare for 2K Erg Test!

virtual erg coaching

Technical & strategic coaching via zoom

center core video

20 min. transverse abdominal work for power and injury prevention.