Your inner core is the most powerful part of your body and the most critical component to connecting leg drive to boat speed. 

Are you successfully tapping into it?

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To be an effective and powerful rower, you must be able to activate and brace your core in that split second of finding the load on the water and on the erg.

The core is the chain that connects the arms and legs to ensure your power and energy on the foot boards is translated into boat and erg speed.

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the Ready set row® core video helps you to:

  • Identify and activate your center core connection
  • Increase power potential
  • Reduce fatigue on the erg
  • Improve fitness with core abdominal breathing techniques
  • Reduce risk of injury in rowing

This exclusive training video includes:

  • Why proper core work is critical
  • How this improves your rowing performance
  • Insights from a leading personal trainer
  • A 20min workout designed for all fitness levels
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