RSR Development Camp Coxswain Coaching

My daughter is a coxswain and interested in the RSR Dev Camp - what will the programming be like for her? 

As far as the program for coxswains- this will be intense. Coxswains at Read Set Row may be coached more than anyone else. Coach FH was a cox at Princeton and coxed a World Championship 8+ in 2000 so he is extremely knowledgeable. 

We will be working with our coxswains on the technical aspect of their role, but also the coaching component. She is the coach in the boat when I am not there- so how does she do that? What is she looking for? Listening for? Feeling for? How can she instruct them (with language, tone, timing) on making a change? 

Our coxswains will get daily feedback. We will record their race pieces, they will transcribe those scripts and they will receive feedback, suggestions and new race plan tactics from the coaches. We will also give the rowers an opportunity to provide feedback to the coxswains so that everyone is involved in getting everyone else faster. 

We will work on coaching from the coxswain seat in the boat and on land- on the erg. How do you coach an athlete on an erg? Our coxswains will shadow our coaches every day on land to learn how to make every athlete a bit faster and figure out how to push each one a bit more in a constructive and supportive way. I am happy to speak more about this on the phone or Skype if you like. I am very passionate about coaching coxswains which is why I have brought a coxswain onto the coaching staff. 

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