How will RSR Dev Camp Help an Athlete Interested in Rowing DI or DIII?

All of the RSR athletes will race at Club Nationals and rising Seniors are strongly recommended to attend the College Fair that they host on July 17th open only to those athletes who compete at Club Nationals. 

All of our athletes receive the RSR Handbook - which outlines the process and expectations for collegiate rowing and the recruiting process. RSR athletes should expect to spend 60-90 minutes a day on mental skills training while at our camp- this includes grit, resilience and mental toughness training along with the recruiting guidance that includes public speaking, coach communication and program/school selection. Our process is intense, but we built it to ensure that athletes do the best they can in selecting and screening programs BEFORE starting the recruiting process. Recruiting coordinators are ultimately salesmen  - so we want our athletes to have spent the necessary due diligence time thinking about the right "fit" before a coach starts convincing them where they want to go.

We will spend time with all of our athletes on their own mental game which includes the erg. All of our athletes will 2K at least twice while at the camp on the erg and we have a robust training program for athletes to compete after their season ends and before they attend our camp. Obviously, the fitter they come to us, the better chance they have of PRing. We will develop a 2k erg test race plan they will implement that is based off the mental skills training results for each individual athlete. That said, this is not an ERGING camp so athletes will spend more time on the water than on the erg. Our athletes will also learn the movements for the Olympic lifts they will do at a collegiate program so that all of our athletes are prepared for collegiate strength training. 

As you probably  know, the 2K is the biggest requirement for college recruiting - there are different expectations for different levels and programs - we will go over this. 

Though you didn't ask about it- what is important to know is that one of my goals is to help each athlete decide whether collegiate rowing is really what she wants to do. It is like a business contract and collegiate rowing is just like a job (in terms of time, commitment etc) so we will make sure all of our athletes understand what this entails. It was the greatest experience for me in college, but many athletes find it to be a shock to say the least from high school rowing.

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