Tips to Dominate Winter Training

Here are my TOP TIPS to prepare for Winter Training.

1. Take a few days after the Fall Racing Season to spend with friends and family and get yourself recharged and ready to tackle the winter. FITNESS is for LIFE - so that doesn't mean you can't workout, but don't erg. Take a spin class, go for a long run, play a game of ultimate frisbee (as long as you don't injure yourself). Keep it fun and get yourself ready. 

2. Then, find a gym that will support you and has an erg - it has to be convenient and ideally you have some supervision and a few accountability partners. Supervision is critical if you are doing weight-training. Stop in a CrossFit box or gym and ask if they will do a deal for you to have a vacation membership. If you are shying away from the cost, offer to trade sweat equity- you might be surprised!

3. Get a plan. Remember - Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you do not have a training program to follow or guidance from your team check out our Virtual Training Plans. A plan includes the DAYS that you are going to train and the TIME that you are going to train. If you are on vacation decide ahead of time what days you are going to train and figure out what time you can train so that you will actually do it. It is probably early morning since most of your relatives will be asleep. This way you will get it done and you won't have to miss family activities. 

4. Set some goals for yourself and WRITE THEM DOWN. Try to make these SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound). Set the goal time to be mid-February. Then identify at least 3 goals that are different types of metrics. One goal can and should be an erg time, but make the other two unrelated to the erg. So for example: 
       1. Drop 1 avg. split on 6K erg test
       2. Perform one strict pull-up
       3. Stretch for 10min every other night before bed-track in training journal. 
I find it critical to give yourself different types of goals - you could even have one like "Write a hand written thank you note to everyone after the holidays." Science shows that practicing gratitude improves quality of life!

And finally... 

5. Share your plan and goals with your friends and relatives. Training in the winter is hard and you need their support. Be sure they know this is important to you and when you plan to do the training so that they are not constantly trying to derail you by suggesting alternative activities during your training time!


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