RSR Blog Series: Inside College Rowing

Welcome to our first RSR Blog Series: Inside College Rowing. I will be interviewing several RSR Alumnae who are all now rowing at different programs across the country. Why am I doing this? When I think back to my high school days- I wish someone could have given me more information about their experience, about the different programs, and just any advice on how I can navigate the confusing process! I hope that current high school athletes (and their parents) who are curious about college rowing will find this series informative and helpful. College rowing is hard - but awesome. I want to help you get as much information as possible to make the important decisions: Do you want to row in college? And if so, where? We have three goals with the series: 

  1. Get an idea of what each school, program and culture is like.
  2. Hear how RSR curriculum and programs have influenced the athlete's experience.
  3. Offer any advice to current high school athletes based on what they have learned already.

I will be asking the athletes about a typical day at the school and if she has any advice for all of you who are currently navigating the recruiting process. Personally, I am also just excited to reconnect with all of my former athletes. I truly care about each and every one of them so it's fun to hear about how they are doing. 

If you have additional questions you would like to see included in the interviews- just let me know and I will do my best! 

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