Top 5 Holiday Gifts in 2018

Looking for gifts for yourself, friends or family? We have 5 GREAT ones! 

1. A Registration to the RSR 2K Clinic

Dec 27-29 in Raleigh NC - open to males and females offering boarding (with airport transportation) and non-boarding registration. Register HERE.

We only have 7 spots left!

And new to the programming - HABITS - what are they, how do you develop new ones and how can you actually start to make small behavior changes?

The erg is a great tool to help you become a faster rower. Unfortunately, many rowers view it as a chore or even a torture device. We have found that most junior and college-level athletes find themselves in one of the top two quadrants - anxiety or flow - while at rowing practice. The reason for this is because they have the perception that they are ill-prepared or lack the skill to perform at a certain level and meet a perceived challenge. At Ready Set Row we break down these perceptions and then provide a framework for them to strategically train and perform so that they know they have done the work and have the skill to perform. 

We coach you on how to start to shift your mindset so that you can can train in a state of FLOW more often by managing your fears of the erg so that you can use it to help you reach your goals. 

We coach you on how to start to shift your mindset so that you can can train in a state of FLOW more often by managing your fears of the erg so that you can use it to help you reach your goals. 

2. Collapsible foam roller 

Foam rolling is SO critical for your mobility and injury prevention and this roller collapses flat so that you can pack it super easily into a carry-on bag! Check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 2.12.07 PM.png

3. A 1 Way to Be Brave Journal

This is a FANTASTIC gift for any woman (young or old) in your life. At only $25 send them as gifts so that every one can build her bravery every day! Purchase one HERE.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 4.30.57 PM.png

4. Send a Brave Box! 

The Brave Box is packed with TONS of ways to help you get more brave. It's designed to push you to be honest with yourself, witness & take brave action, and realize how AWESOME YOU ARE - it is the perfect way to close out 2018 and be ready for 2019. Purchase one HERE.

Who is this GREAT for?

> You, if you want to get more brave

> A friend who is ready for a nudge
> You and a friend to do together

> Your book club or women's group to do as a squad

> Mothers and daughters to do together

The box is filled with goodies and challenges to get you to practice bravery. We help people do hard things, but we do it by getting you to play outside of your comfort zone.

Limited run of 100 boxes that will be shipped Dec. 1

What's in the box?

  • I AM A BRAVE GIRL t-shirt 

  • 1 WAY TO BE BRAVE reflection book 

  • YOU ARE BRAVE card set 

  • I AM BRAVE pen

  • BRAVE PITCH online class 

  • BOOM PITCH pump-up

  • CHALLENGE sheet

  • GET MORE BRAVE stickers

  • Additional surprises

RSR FRIENDS GET $5 off with code: RINGER

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5. RSR Virtual Training

Purchase PRO Package for four virtual coaching sessions (RSR PRO) with Coach Holly for just $250. Or the RSR Season Erg Package for over 30 workouts to do on your own ($300)!

RSR PRO Packages are customized for the individual so they are open to any and all experience levels. Athletes just starting out or looking to make significant technical changes and improvements should select a PRO package to benefit from the video review and analysis.

PRO Packages commence with an Athletic Assessment and short interview to determine short and long term goals to influence the custom program. PRO Packages include four 20-30min JoinMe calls with an RSR Coach to offer guidance, instruction, mentorship and video review. Athletes are expected to respond and communicate with Coaches promptly and regularly on e-mail and we make every effort to set up call times in advance to plan schedules. The four phone calls must be scheduled and completed within 5 weeks of the start date.

And for those not sure about your winter training or need to supplement swimming or basketball with a little erging. Purchase the RSR Season ERG Package for over 30 workouts with a training framework to pick and choose workouts that work for you and your ability and time. 

Ripping it up in NYC! RSR Mental-Game Clinic


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