Ripping it up in NYC! RSR Mental-Game Clinic

A ROARING SUCCESS! Coach Holly had the privilege to coach a RSR Mental-Game Clinic in NYC for Row New York athletes and others in the area and we had a blast! Sometimes… you just gotta get an athlete to do something he/she doesn’t think is possible…and it looks like this.

We talked erg strategy, technique, power application, translating erg work to on the water speed and college recruiting. The athletes had great questions and learned about themselves in the process!

Just one more chance to work with Coach Holly in 2018… Raleigh 2K Clinic - boarding and non-boarding opportunity for males and females! Check it HERE.

Hear what Coach Jackie of Row New York had to say!

“Coach Holly came to Row New York to run her Mental Game Clinic with student-athletes from all three of our boathouses (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens). During the session, she used a wide range of mental, technical, and physical activities to effectively reach each of our student-athletes and help them improve their mental game in both their approach to the erg and to the water. All of the participants in the clinic walked away with real skills that they began applying in practice immediately. As a coach, it can be hard to focus on mental training in the hustle and bustle of the regular season. It was so nice to create space to focus on this essential aspect of our training and have an expert voice lead the session.”
— Jackie Kleinhans Row New York, Manhattan Youth Program Manager


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