Holiday Workout - Deck of Cards

It's hard - training during the holidays. You have things to do, people to see and it's unlikely that your friends and family want to do the workouts you need to do. So here is a workout that you may be able to convince some relatives to jump in on - Deck of Cards. 

The workout is simple- get a deck of cards. Depending on your fitness you can modify the workout several ways. The premise is simple- the cards represent the number of repetitions to complete and each suite is a different exercise. For example:

Hearts: Burpees

Spades: Sit-ups

Diamonds: Jumping Lunges

Clubs: Push-ups

You place the cards in a pile face down and then flip over the first card. Depending on fitness, you can modify a variety of ways: set a time limit (20min, 30min), use only the number cards and no face cards, or try to do the entire deck. If you flip over a "2 of Hearts" you do 2 Burpees. If you are using the face cards, they are worth the following: Jack = 11; Queen = 12, King = 13. You can make Aces worth 1 or 14. Jokers can be another exercise like twenty jumping jacks or something like that. 

Depending on the luck of your draw, you may have to rest from time to time- this can get spicy if you draw a 7, 8, 9 of hearts in a row for example. 

Try to have fun and see if a relative or friend will join you!



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