COACH HOLLY - Founder & Head Coach of Ready Set Row, LLC

RSR Development Team 2016 U19 4+ at Club Nationals

RSR Development Team 2016 U19 4+ at Club Nationals

As a college and high school coach, Holly has worked with athletes of all ages to reach their full potential. Her athletes have won the Division I NCAA Championship at the collegiate level and the State Championship at the high school level. Her athletes have gone on to row at Division I & III programs, gone on to medical school to become surgeons and others have completed graduate programs to become Institutional Professors. They have used the lessons they learned in rowing to reach their goals in life.  

As a recruited high school rower and a four year Division I NCAA athlete and scholar, Coach Holly Austin has also been where you are and where you may be going. Her athletes have gone on to row at excellent collegiate programs including but not limited to: Division I: Harvard, Cornell, UCLA, Ohio State, Cal Berkeley, Columbia, St. Joe's, Stetson, Lehigh, Bucknell, UNC Chapel Hill; Division III: Williams, Wellesley.  

She asks her athletes what she asked of herself, "What can I do today to get faster?" and "What are my goals?"

She has built Ready Set Row to help you answer these questions.


Summer Club: Head Coach RSR

2016: U174+ 4th place in the country; U178+ 6th place in the country; U198+ 4th in Semi-Final (16th time); U194+ 4th in Semi-Final (16th time).

2003 Eastern Sprints Champions and NCAA Team Champions

2003 Eastern Sprints Champions and NCAA Team Champions

College: Harvard/Radcliffe Assistant Varsity Coach

Harvard/Radclifffe Heavyweight Team Trophy 2003 NCAA Championship;

Harvard/Radcliffe Heavyweight Team Trophy 2003 Eastern Sprints Championship;

Coached Heavyweight Varsity 4+ to Eastern Sprints Bronze;

Coached Heavyweight Varsity 4+ 2003 NCAA Championships 6th; 

Coached Novice and Freshman Fall 2002;

Consultant to Harvard/Radcliffe Varsity Heavyweights 2012 - 2012 Ivy League Champions; 2012 NCAA Championship 8th;

Consultant to Harvard/Radcliffe Varsity Heavyweight 2015/2016 - Present. 

High School: Pine Crest School Women's Varsity 8+, 2004 Florida State Champions (Ft. Lauderdale, FL). 


Rowing History 

College: Harvard/Radcliffe Heavyweight Varsity

Three-year Varsity Heavyweight 8 (7 & 2 seat);

Four-year NCAA competitor;

1999 NCAA Varsity 8+ 6th place;

Varsity Heavyweight 8+, 2000 Eastern Sprints Runnerup

First Freshman 8+, Eastern Sprints 1998; 4th Head of the Charles 

Elected Team Commodore - "The Enforcer" and received MVP award.

Selected 2nd Team All-Ivy 2000

Competed at 1997 National Lightweight ID Camp at Princeton Training Center. 

High School: St. Andrew's School Varsity 8

Royal Henley Regatta Champions 1997; 

Stotesbury 1996 & 1997 Silver.

Certifications: USRowing Level II; USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Level I; AFAA Group Fitness; CPR & First Aid

You can read more about Coach Holly HERE.


COACH F-H - 2000 FISA World rowing Champion- coxswain

As a competitor, Coach Josh Fien-Helfman (F-H) experienced the highest highs and lowest lows in the sport of rowing, and just about everything in between. In three years, he went from a fledgling high school rowing team to World Champion coxswain for the USMNT Lightweight 8. After F-H plugged in his cox box for the last time, he created, built, coached, and operated a year round rowing team with approximately 75 athletes at Pine Crest School in Florida. During his three years at the helm, his crews won 1 National Championship, 5 State Championships, and many other medals at the Florida State Championship. F-H coached 2 rowers onto the U.S. Men's Junior National Team, and several other rowers into the National Junior Selection Camp. 

Rowing lies at the intersection of several of Coach F-H's passions. He loves the water, competition and racing, and pushing personal limits. Coach F-H uses rowing to teach athletes about leadership, teamwork, and themselves. 


High School: Pine Crest School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2005:  Men's Varsity 4+, 4th Place, 2005 National Championship; Men's Varsity Lightweight 8, 2005 Florida State Champions

2004:  Women's Varsity 8, 2004 Florida State Champions; Women's Junior Varsity 8, 2004 Florida State Champions

2003:   Women's Junior 1x, 2003 National Champion; Women's Varsity 1x, 2003 Florida State Champion; Men's Varsity 4+, 2003 Florida State Champions

Other: USRowing Coxswain Clinics, Lead Instructor

Other: Princeton University Summer Camp, Head Coxswain Coach



International: USMNT Lightweight 8+, World Champions, 2000 FISA World Rowing Championships.

US National Team: 2000 and 2001 USMNT Selection Camps at Princeton Training Center; 2000 USMNT U-23 Selection Camp at Cornell; 1999, 2000, and 2001 USMNT National ID Camps at Princeton Training Center.

College: Princeton Men's Lightweight Varsity

Men's Varsity Lightweight 8+, 2000 Head of the Charles Runner-Up (Overall); 2000 IRA National Collegiate Runner-Up

Men's Lightweight Team Trophy 2000 Eastern Sprints Championship

Men's Varsity Lightweight 8+, 1999 Head of the Charles Runner-Up (Collegiate)

Men's Lightweight Team Trophy 1999 Eastern Sprints Championship

High School: Wilson High School Lightweight 8+


COACH LAURA - 2009 FISA World champion w8+; 2008 FISA U23 world champion W8+

Laura considers herself a student of rowing. It began with the question: "What makes the boat go?" then, "What makes the boat go fast?" and this sustained many years of competitive rowing. Now she asks: "How can I help my athletes make the boat go fast?"

She's  learned many lessons from rowing about discipline, hard work, sacrifice, teamwork, winning and losing, seeking challenges, creating and seizing opportunities, and perseverance. She cannot imagine her life or who she would be without rowing. The only thing she values more are the friends she has made along the way.



College: Mount Holyoke College; Assistant Coach 2015-Present.

High School: Newton Country Day School 2015.



Elite: 2014 Vesper Boat Club

2013-2014 Craftsbury Green Racing Project

2014 US Elite Nationals, W1X 2nd place; W2X 3rd place. 

2014 US Club Nationals, Senior W2X 1st place; Senior W1X 2nd place.

2010 National Selection Regatta W2- 5th place

2009 Head of the Charles W8+ 2nd place


2010 Lucerne W4- World Cup Champion

2009 FISA W8+ World Champion

2008 FISA U23 W8+ World Champion

College: Harvard/Radcliffe Heavyweight Varsity  - elected Co-Captain 2008

NCAA Competitor 2005, 2007, 2008

2008 NCAA Varsity 8+ 7th place

2008 Division I Pocock First Team All American

2007 Division I Pocock Second Team All American

High School: CRI Competitive Girls and Brookline High School 

2004 US Junior National Team Selection Camp Invitee

2003 Head of the Charles Youth 8+ 2nd place; Canadian Henley JW8+ Champions

2002 Head of the Charles, Youth W8+ 2nd place; US Junior National Team Selection Camp Invitee  

Four-year Mass Public School Regatta Champions, 2001-2004. 

Certifications: USRowing Level II (in progress), Wilderness First Aid certified, EMT, USATF Level 1 coaching certification.  


After graduating from NC State in 2007, Mitchell worked as a personal trainer before discovering CrossFit in 2008. Mitchell became a CrossFit coach in 2011 before he joined the US Army National Guard and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after completing Basic Combat Training and Officer Candidate School in Ft. Benning, GA. Mitchell specializes in Olympic weight-lifting, powerlifting, mobility, nutrition and running mechanics. 

Mitchell and Holly work together to design the strength, mobility and core-work designed for Ready Set Row programs. CrossFit Goliath hosts Ready Set Row Indoor Training. 

Mitchell's favorite coaching moment is the first time a female athlete gets an unassisted pull up (which happened for several young women at RSR Winter Training 2015/2016. Most often they join the gym not believing they could ever do a pull up and are usually so thrilled. Doing something you couldn't do before or didn't think you could do happens a lot in CrossFit with good coaching, but changing someone's belief about themselves is powerful stuff. 

Certifications: USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Level I; CrossFit Level I & II; CrossFit Powerlifting; CrossFit Mobility; CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting; CrossFit Nutrition; US Army Modern Combatives Level I; POSE Running Seminars x3; Endurance Sports and Speed Mechanics - Athletic Performance Center. 



Junior coaches & Camp Counselors

Phoebe rowing 7 seat in Simmons V8+ 

Phoebe rowing 7 seat in Simmons V8+ 

COACH Phoebe - Varsity Rower at Simmons College

Majoring in Public Relations/Marketing Communications with a minor in Graphic Design, class of 2018. Phoebe would like to pursue a career in marketing or graphic design. 


College: Simmons College Varsity

Women's Collegiate 8+ HOCR 2014: 15th at Stroke

Women's Varsity 8+: Currently racing in the 8 seat of Varsity Heavyweight 8+

High School: Dublin High School. 

New Hampshire State Champions V4+ 2013 and 2014. MVP 2014. Captain of Rowing, XC skiing and XC running senior year.

National Schools Regatta 2014 - 3rd in V4+


COACH LIZ - VARSITY ROWER at Harvard University 

Liz Roe racing for Harvard-Radcliffe Spring 2017

Liz Roe racing for Harvard-Radcliffe Spring 2017

Majoring in Political Science, class of 2020. Liz first began rowing because she was cross-training for basketball. But soon after joining The Winsor School Crew, she fell in love with it. Liz has competed at Club Nationals for the last four years and is excited to return coaching the wonderful and hardworking RSR athletes!


College: Harvard-Radcliffe Varsity

Women's VB4+: Currently racing in stroke seat.

Women's Championship 4+ HOCR 2016: 11th place

High School: The Winsor School and Charles River Scullers during the summer. 

2016: US Youth Nationals W4+, 3rd place; NEIRAs 1V4+, 1st place and team trophy; US Club Nationals U19 4x, 2nd place, U23 4x, 2nd place, U19 2x, 6th place

2015: US Club Nationals U19 4x, 1st place, U19 2x, 2nd place; Canadian Henley U19 2x, 3rd place, U19 4x, 6th place; NEIRAs 1V4+, 2nd place and team trophy

2014: US Club Nationals U17 4x, 4th place, U17 2x, 6th place; NEIRAs 2V4+, 1st place and team trophy

2013: NEIRAs 3v4+, 1st place and team trophy, US Club Nationals U17 2x, 6th place; HOCR High School 4+, 8th place


Coach Heather - Full Time CrosSFIT GOLIATH COACH


Before Heather discovered CrossFit she thought she was "fit" because she went to a big box gym several times a week and ran on the treadmill ON THE INCLINE. She will be the first to tell you, she was wrong. She was hooked on CrossFit from day one and began coaching in 2013. After taking a short break to have a baby, became a full time CrossFit coach at CrossFit Goliath. Heather has training experience in Olympic weight-lifting, mobility, and running technique and hopes to qualify for the CrossFit Games Masters in 2018. 

Her favorite coaching moment is when athletes take notice of their progress. Progress is not just measured in huge PRs for a back squat, but little victories like being able to do push ups when you weren't able to the week before.