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 Ready Set Row offers Virtual Training packages to meet the needs of a variety of athletes. Athletes can purchase a RSR SEASON ERG package or purchase a four-week PRO package that includes weekly video review with an RSR coach.

RSR PRO Packages are customized for the individual so they are open to any and all experience levels. Athletes just starting out or looking to make significant technical changes and improvements should select a PRO package to benefit from the video review and analysis.

PRO Packages commence with an Athletic Assessment and short interview to determine short and long term goals to influence the custom program. PRO Packages include four 20-30min JoinMe calls with an RSR Coach to offer guidance, instruction, mentorship and video review. Athletes are expected to respond and communicate with Coaches promptly and regularly on e-mail and we make every effort to set up call times in advance to plan schedules. The four phone calls must be scheduled and completed within 5 weeks of the start date.

The RSR SEASON ERG Package equips an athlete with over 30 unique workouts and includes the RSR affiliate QRR Code to access the RSR LiveRowing app. The package includes a weekly framework outlining the workout types (U2, U1, AT, TR1, TR2 and AN) to complete and the athlete selects the workout from the RSR catalog. Joining the affiliate will allow the athlete to track her/his progress and improvement and race other RSR athletes through the dashboard. Athletes will need to purchase a LiveRowing Connect adaptor to participate. Current RSR SEASON ERG Packages are designed for intermediate/advanced athletes and should not be completed by novice athletes or anyone who has not been exercising at an intense level.

*Note - our packages are intended to supplement existing training plans or are for athletes who don't have access to a winter training plan or have logistical limitations in making their local winter training program. 

All participants must be Championship Members of USRowing to participate.