RSR Summer Development Team


RSR is not a normal summer camp, nor is it a recreational rowing club. We are seeking junior female rowers (age 14-20) who are willing and motivated to work hard. We will build up our athletes to make a team of strong, committed and resilient female leaders - an army of fighters. All of our athletes will race at the USRowing Club Nationals. If you are interested in pursuing any collegiate programs then you should join us. No other camp will give you the personal attention and mentoring that we commit to you.

We have an absolute blast! Please check out our Video Series from the RSR Dev Team 2016 and 2017 below.

2016 Development Team 

2017 Development Team

If you would like information about next year's camp or any other RSR program, please CONTACT US. 

Program Specifics

What: A safe, supportive environment for young women to pursue athletic excellence and personal growth through leadership, emotional management and resilience training. 

Who: Junior and early college- level female rowers age 14-20 as of December 31, 2018 who have at least one year of sweep rowing or sculling experience. Erg time recommendations for a 2K: at least 8:10 for 14-16 year olds, 7:50 or faster for 17-18 year olds and 7:35 or faster for collegiate rowers. Lightweights will be weight-adjusted. We will prioritize athletes who meet or exceed these standards. 

How: All interested athletes must fill out a Ready Set Row application. Coach Holly personally interviews every applicant and her hometown coach during selection. The first round of selection will begin in February 2018 and will continue until all spaces are filled. Upon admission to the camp you will have 15 days to officially register and pay the non-refundable deposit for the camp. Applications will be taken until May 20, 2018 or until all spots are filled. 

Where: All athletes will stay in the boarding facilities at Brooks School all within a short walk of the boathouse, gymnasium and dining facility. All coaches live in the dorms with the athletes. Rowing will be on Lake Cochichewick, walking distance from the dorms. Erging, indoor tank rowing, strength training, yoga and meditation will be held on campus. Racing will be at US Rowing Club Nationals in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Note - the dorms do not have central air conditioning. We recommend that you bring a fan or bring money to purchase a fan on the first day of camp. 

When: June 16, 2018 - July 16, 2018. We train at Brooks June 16-July 9 when we depart for Club Nationals. We return to Brooks late on July 15th and all returning athletes depart on July 16th. You can depart from USRowing Club Nationals if you have pre-arranged check out with the RSR Coaches and a Guardian. 

Cost: TBD includes all coaching and equipment, room & board, competition fees and travel costs associated with the competition, RSR Team Uniform, T-shirt, RSR College Recruitment Manual and RSR Training Journal. Athletic trainers will be available for all athletes every other day while training at SAS. We offer a few athletes financial assistance based on erg score and coach recommendation. If you would love to race with us but need financial support, please CONTACT US.

Note - athletes must be USRowing Championship members to compete at USRowing Club Nationals. Please be sure your membership is up to date and you have the USRowing waiver on file with your Championship membership.

Athletes should bring spending money for snacks, souvenirs and a few scheduled town trips for supplies or snacks. Athletes can have supplies mailed to the school as well.