Ready Set Row  - Love The Fight.

I chose RSR specifically because of the effort we were able to put in beyond working hard in a boat. As a team we focused on confidence and mental grit (my favorite) as well as teamwork and goal setting, all of things I use every single day on my adventure as a female athlete and a well rounded, happy human being...Beginning on day one till now they have helped me grow and pushed me to be aggressive with my goals. I was able to receive support as I embarked on my search for my dream college and I could easily call many of them idols to me as strong and confident female athletes...As I continue to look back at RSR I am thankful for the things I learned about myself and the sport of rowing. I think that it is an amazing experience for any girl who loves to grow her inner bad ass.
— Beja Marshall, Berkeley High '17, UC Berkeley '21

At Ready Set Row we love to win, but most importantly, we Love the Fight. We believe the secret to success in rowing and life is a focus on process. Want to learn how to get recruited? How to fuel for performance, increase efficiency and power? How to break down mental barriers? Join us in New Hampshire! Apply HERE for RSR Foundation Camp Aug 14-19 (age 14-20). 


Our athletes learn, train, and live by the Ready Set Row Framework: "What do you SEE?"                  SEEK Challenges                                                      EXPECT Discomfort                                   EMBRACE Work

Our rowing teams focus on the process, not just the end results. Our athletes are future leaders and we are training them to be fighters. RSR programs teach mental toughness, resilience, grit, emotional management and distress tolerance. 

Think you want to join a Ready Set Row Team? 

Consistent hard work is coupled with mental skills training and guided self-exploration to empower you to begin to define your values, motivation and purpose through sport.

We push you to define success, articulate your own strengths and weaknesses, and commit to challenges and goals where the reward is improvement rather than medals. You will focus on integrity and practice self-discipline and patience. You will learn grit and determination in a safe, supportive and developmentally appropriate environment. And you will find yourself deliberately and effectively habitualizing perseverance, stress management and self-control that will lead to improved athletic performance and quality of life.

Ask yourself, "What can I do today to reach my goals?"  Join us!

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