Team Rowing Clinics and Regional Rowing Clinics

Ready Set Row

Ready Set Row develops programming to help athletes understand, identify and then influence their mental-game. We do this by educating athletes on the science and research, providing the space and time for personal reflection to identify current thoughts around existing cognitive processes, and then practice under pressure to test new thought patterns to enhance physical performance.

The Ready Set Row Mental-Game Clinic is one full day of mental skills coaching, bravery training, and physical challenges coaching distress tolerance, mental toughness and emotional management to improve performance and confidence. 

The Ready Set Row Indoor Rowing Technical Clinic is one full day of erg technique and efficiency coaching covering connection, suspension, and how to transfer erg technique to the water.

Rowing clinics can be exclusive to team members or can be opened up to regional athletes. 

Coach Holly came to Row New York to run her Mental Game Clinic with student-athletes from all three of our boathouses (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens). During the session, she used a wide range of mental, technical, and physical activities to effectively reach each of our student-athletes and help them improve their mental game in both their approach to the erg and to the water. All of the participants in the clinic walked away with real skills that they began applying in practice immediately. As a coach, it can be hard to focus on mental training in the hustle and bustle of the regular season. It was so nice to create space to focus on this essential aspect of our training and have an expert voice lead the session.
— Jackie Kleinhans - Row New York Manhattan Youth Program Manager


Interested in the FULL three-day 2K Clinic in Raleigh? Athletes learn and practice all of the core elements to dominate winter training and erg test season including: mental fitness, erg technique, erg strategy, 2k Race Plans, strength training, core work, injury prevention, mobility, nutrition and recovery. Athletes will complete two 2K Predictor workouts but will not perform an actual 2K so as not to revert back to previous destructive mental mindsets around 2K tests.

Welcoming any junior rower who wants to raise her/his game on all levels and take it to the next level!

Open to male and female rowers and boarding provided. Dec 27-29, 2019. Read about it HERE.

Rowing Clinics are customized to the CLIENT's needs and may include: 

- college ROWING recruiting

- day in the life of college rowing

- Self Reflections

- Micro and Macro Compasses

- fueling and nutrition

- strength training

- Bravery Training with Brave Enterprises


- RSR Mental Skills & Tools

- Erg Strategies

- ROW2K Race Plans

- ROW2K predictor workouts

- stress management TOOLS

- Development of Purpose Statement

- Personal Inflection Points (PIPs)