Team Rowing Clinics and Regional Rowing Clinics

Ready Set Row

Ready Set Row develops programming to help athletes understand, identify and then influence their mental-game. We do this by educating athletes on the science and research, providing the space and time for personal reflection to identify current thoughts around existing cognitive processes, and then practice under pressure to test new thought patterns to enhance physical performance.

The Ready Set Row Mental-Game Clinic is one full day of mental skills coaching, bravery training, and physical challenges coaching distress tolerance, mental toughness and emotional management to improve performance and confidence. 

Rowing clinics can be exclusive to team members or can be opened up to regional athletes. 

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RSR Mental-Game Clinic

February 4, 2018

Texas Rowing Center, Austin TX

Women Only

Ready Set Row went to Austin Texas to hold a Regional Mental-Game Clinic at the Texas Rowing Center February 4, 2018. The Clinic was open to any female athletes in the area and costs just $100 per athlete. Update coming soon...



Rowing Clinics are customized to the team's needs and may include: 

- college ROWING recruiting

- day in the life of college rowing

- Self Reflections

- Micro and Macro Compasses

- fueling and nutrition

- strength training

- Bravery Training with Brave Enterprises


- RSR Mental Skills & Tools

- Erg Strategies

- ROW2K Race Plans

- ROW2K predictor workouts

- stress management TOOLS

- Development of Purpose Statement

- Personal Inflection Points (PIPs)