Group Training

Winter is your time to increase fitness, power and flexibility to prevent injury. 

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RSR offers winter training programs for local athletes (Raleigh area) who want to capitalize on the winter months at CrossFit Goliath. For the best results, athletes should register to train 6 days per week - M, W, F on the ERG with Coach Holly and Tu, Th, Sa in the weight-room with Coach Mitchell. Registering for both programs offers a 10% package discount at checkout. Use Discount Code: Winter10%. Winter Group Training starts Nov 27/28 2017 and finishes February 9/10 2018. 

The ERG program is an intense indoor rowing package to raise athletic performance, mental toughness and resilience. Athletes will be assigned an erg each day and complete full winter endurance and erg power training workouts. Indoor rowing technique and strategy is paired with mental skill training and distress tolerance work. All athletes must have rowed for at least one year to participate in the ERG programs.

The RSR strength program is a robust winter training CrossFit program specifically designed for rowers. Coach Mitchell has been training RSR athletes for two years and has built the program to address the asymmetries and greatest opportunities for advancement in rowers. We address strength, power, mobility, flexibility, core work and injury prevention. Athletes will learn the form and function of Olympic weight-lifting movements before adding any intensity or weights. All experience accepted.

Athletes have the option to select both programs or train only M, W, F on the ERG with Coach Holly from 4pm-5:30pm or register solely for the strength training with Coach Mitchell Tu, Th, Sa. Holly's ERG classes are limited to a total of 16 athletes so that everyone gets personal attention and coaching (4 of those 16 can BYOE). Mitchell will coach a total of 24 athletes: two groups of 12 athletes on Tu and Th at 4:00-5:15 and 5:15-6:30pm. All strength athletes will train together 8:00-9:30am on Saturdays.  

We will not hold class on the following dates:  12/1, 12/8, 12/22, 12/25, 12/27, 12/29, 1/1/18. We will provide On Your Own (OYO) Workouts. 

In addition, 4 athletes can register for an ERG program at a discount if she/he brings her/his own ERG. 

All athletes ERGing will record and track performance as a RSR Affiliate in LiveRowing. 

All classes are held at CrossFit Goliath: 5621 Departure Dr. Suite 117 Raleigh, NC 27616.

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