Ready Set Row Summer Development Team

I am building an army of courageous young leaders who seek challenge in spite of fear, and embrace hard work.
— Coach Holly

The Ready Set Row Summer Development Team 2017 (June 18-July 17, 2017) will train at St. Andrew's School in Middletown Delaware this Summer! 

We aim to improve our results at the USRowing Club National Championships and put even more boats in the Grand Final!

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RSR is not a normal summer camp, nor is it a recreational rowing club. We are seeking junior female rowers who are willing and motivated to work hard. We will build up our athletes to make a team of strong, committed and resilient female leaders - an army of fighters. All of our athletes will race at the USRowing Club Nationals. If you are interested in pursuing any collegiate programs then you should join us. No other camp will give you the personal attention and mentoring that we commit to you.

If you would like information about next year's camp or any other RSR program, please CONTACT US. 

The 2016 RSR Summer Development Team

The 2016 RSR Summer Development Team

What: A safe, supportive environment for young women to pursue athletic excellence and personal growth through leadership, emotional management and resilience training. 

Who: Junior female rowers age 14-18 as of December 31, 2017 who have at least one year of sweep rowing or sculling experience. Erg time recommendations for a 2K are at least 8:10 for 14-16 year old athletes and 7:50 or faster for those 17 and 18 years old. Lightweights will be weight-adjusted. We will prioritize athletes who meet or exceed these standards. 

Training at St. Andrew's School Summer 2016

Training at St. Andrew's School Summer 2016

How: All interested athletes must fill out a Ready Set Row application. We will be accepting 37 rowers and 6 coxswains. Coach Holly personally interviews every applicant and her hometown coach during selection. The first round of selection will begin in February 2017 and will continue until all spaces are filled. Upon admission to the camp you will have 15 days to officially register and pay the non-refundable deposit for the camp. Applications will be taken until May 20, 2017 or until all spots are filled.  

Where: All athletes will stay in the boarding facilities at St. Andrew's School all within a short walk of the boathouse, gymnasium and dining facility. (If you are unfamiliar with St. Andrew's School, it is where the film Dead Poets Society was filmed). All coaches live in the dorms with the athletes. Note - the dorms do not have central air conditioning. We recommend that you bring a fan or bring money to purchase a fan on the first day of camp. Rowing will be held out of the Kip duPont Boathouse on Noxontown Pond at St. Andrew's School in Middletown DE. Erging, strength training, yoga and meditation will be held on campus at the brand new state of the art Sipprelle Field House. 

Racing will be at US Rowing Club Nationals in Bethel, OH at William H Harsha Lake East Fork State Park. 3294 Elklick Road Bethel, OH. All athletes will stay at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Cincinnati Northeast Milford; 301 Old Bank Road. Milford, OH. 

When: June 18-July 17, 2017; June 18-July 10 Training in DE; July 11-July 16 Competition in OH. The chartered bus will depart from Bethel OH on the 16th to return to St. Andrew's School. Athletes may sign out with a parent after the competition and leave from Bethel or return to St. Andrew's to depart the following day, July 17th in the afternoon. 

Cost: $4,899 includes all coaching and equipment, room & board, competition fees and travel costs associated with the competition, RSR Team Uniform, T-shirt, RSR College Recruitment Manual and RSR Training Journal. Athletic trainers will be available for all athletes every other day while training at SAS. We offer a few athletes a year financial assistance based on erg score and coach recommendation. If you would love to race with us but need financial support, please CONTACT US.

Note - athletes must be USRowing Championship members to compete at USRowing Club Nationals. Please be sure your membership is up to date and you have the USRowing waiver on file with your Championship membership.

Athletes should bring spending money for snacks, souvenirs and a few scheduled town trips for supplies or snacks. Athletes can have supplies mailed to the school as well. The RSR Refund Policy can be found HERE.

RSR Summer Development Camp Programming: 

  • Rowing 2-3x per day out of private boathouse
  • Strength training, yoga and/or meditaiton 3x per week at state of the art new facility
  • Erg coaching - Strategies, 2K Race Plan and 2K Test for College Recruitment
  • College Recruitment Guidance & RSR College Recruitment Manual
  • Daily RSR Mental Performance Curriculum and RSR Training Journal
  • Bravery Training with BRAVE Enterprises
  • Personal Mentorship & Individual Goal Setting
  • Professional Women - RSR Guest Speakers

Are you ready to join the Ready Set Row Summer Team?... 

You will be pushed harder than you have ever been pushed. You will train two to three times a day and asked to fight for every inch, every day.

You will be mentored by coaches who are invested in you as a person and as an athlete.

You will learn the rowing skills and techniques needed to be precise and efficient.

You will learn how to row the erg efficiently and effectively, develop a custom race plan and perform a 2k for collegiate submission. 

You will receive college recruitment management training including college selection, team interviewing, communications, and logistical support. 

You will train your brain by ingraining mental toughness and resilience strategies to ensure you are the toughest fighter you can be.

You will be required to actively participate and answer difficult questions about yourself to push you to evaluate your motivations and goals and your future on and off the water. 

You will be in a supportive and safe environment to be who you are and BECOME who you are going to BECOME.

You will learn to LOVE THE FIGHT - the work, the adrenaline, the anticipation, the pain, the camaraderie, the exhilaration.

You will train so hard and prepare so intentionally that you will want to shake the hand of any crew who beats you. That is our goal. That is our mission. 


Additional FAQs: 

Q: Will I get to race at US Rowing Club Nationals and in what boat? 

A: Yes! Every athlete that is accepted to the Ready Set Row Summer Development Team will get to race at USRowing Club Nationals. You MUST be a USRowing Championship Member to compete at any USRowing Regatta. You probably are already a Member if you have rowed in US Rowing Regattas, but you must have a valid USRowing Championship Membership through Summer 2017 to train with us and to compete at Club Nationals. Boat prioritization depends on the athletes competing and their ages, but we aim to put together and U19 8+, U17 8+, U19 4+ and U17 4+.

Q: What is expected of me at RSR Summer Development Camp? 

A: We want junior women who are ready to work and ready to have fun. You will train 2-4 times per day and be required to participate in daily Self Reflection times. You will row, erg, lift, think. We have a Ready Set Row Athlete Commitment that all athletes sign after acceptance and upon registering for the team. The RSR Athlete Commitment details all of our "Rules" and expectations.

Q: What if I don't want to row in college? 

A: Do you want to learn life-skills that will help you achieve your goals and become more successful in life? Join us! Do you want to have fun this summer and work hard? Join us! We will work hard, but have a great time. You will learn about yourself- what type of person you are and what type of person you want to be. You will learn life skills and college preparation methods that are relevant whether you row or not. We will help you to think about whether you want to row in college. There is no pressure to row in college - we just want racers who want to work hard and go after it. 

Q: What if I want to row in college and possibly get recruited? 

A: No other development camp or summer experience is going to give you as much guidance and personal attention as we do. Every RSR athlete will receive the Ready Set Row College Recruitment Manual and we work with each of our athletes to help identify what YOU want and what is the best fit for YOU. You will complete daily Self Reflections to help you answer the important questions to figure out what you want in your college experience and which program and school will meet your needs. 

We also work closely with our athletes on their resume, coach communications, public speaking and presentation skills. We train you to prepare for a business meeting - which is what an official visit is. You will use these skills as you interview coaches, college admission offices and future teammates. We also help you to understand that college recruitment is a business transaction and if you row in college after receiving program assistance you now have a "job" to perform in college. College rowing can still be fun, but the process and commitment must be respected.  

Q: What if I hate the erg? 

A: Then this program is designed specifically for you. You cannot be a fast rower if you never ERG. Erging is part of the sport of rowing. In our experience the reason most people do not like the erg is because they only use the erg as a "test." We will change your perception of the erg so that you see it as a "tool" that will make you faster. Most athletes have never been coached mentally on the erg and have few strategies to increase their speed indoors. We will train you to use it as a tool so that you welcome its efficiency and its feedback. 

Q: What is the cost of the camp and what does that include? 

A: The cost of the camp for every participant is $4,899 for the four weeks of training and racing. The camp fee includes all coaching fees and equipment rental fees, room (including sheets, pillow, blanket and towel) and board (three meals a day) at St. Andrew's School, all rowing equipment and gym access and equipment for strength training and erg workouts for the three weeks of training. We will have local trainers available for all athletes every other day and their fee is included in the cost. The fee also includes all of the competition fees for USRowing Club Nationals in Ohio (entrance fees, transportation, hotel and food). Each RSR athlete receives a RSR uniform, T-shirt, RSR College Recruitment Manual, and RSR Training Journal. 

Q: Do you offer any financial aid? 

A: We offer a few athletes each summer, financial assistance for the Summer Development Team. Our aid packages are at cost for the camp and athletes are selected after evaluating all the aid applicants in late May according to erg score, and coach recommendation. We can only support a few athletes with our aid program so application does not guarantee admittance. 

Q: How do I get to and from the Ready Set Row Summer Development Camp? 

A: Athletes must cover the transportation fees to get to the camp and get home from the camp. RSR will be providing a shuttle from the Philadelphia Airport to St. Andrew's on June 18, 2017 to help athletes get to the campus. Our shuttle will leave from the Philadelphia Airport at 1:00 so all flights should arrive by 12:30pm. Athletes are also welcome to arrange transportation directly to the school as long as you notify the coaches of your arrival time and method of transportation and have parental approval. Athletes should plan on arriving at St. Andrew's June 18th between 11am and 2:45pm; land practice will start at 3:00pm on June 18th. Athletes may leave from USRowing Club Nationals to head home provided we have parental permission in writing and you have signed out on July 16th. All other athletes will return to St. Andrew's in a chartered bus on July 16th and will depart July 17th. The chartered bus will arrive at St. Andrew's close to 2am, so we recommend not scheduling any transportation on the 17th earlier than 2pm so that your daughter can rest. All athletes should leave St. Andrew's on the 17th by 5pm.  

Q: What will the boarding arrangement look like? 

A:  Everyone on the Ready Set Row Team is one team. We separate athletes who know eachother in order to accelerate team unity. We do not take rooming requests and all athletes must live in the dorms on campus. You will have one to three roommates depending on the size of the room. All coaches live on campus with the athletes and every night one coach is "on duty" if needed. All linens will be provided: sheets, blanket, towel and pillow. The dorm has a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and oven and each floor has a communal bathroom. Remember, the St. Andrew's dorms are not air conditioned so we recommend that athletes bring a fan.  

Q: Where will we stay when we are competing and can my parents come? 

A: All athletes will stay as a team at the  Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Cincinnati Northeast Milford rooming together. Parents and spectators are encouraged to come watch and support us at the US Rowing Club Nationals and they can absolutely get their own room at the Holiday Inn. There is a College Fair at the conclusion of racing on July 16th that is open to all rising Seniors to attend with their parents. We plan a team and parent dinner during the competition that all parents are invited to.  

Q: What do I need to bring? 

A: We will send accepted RSR athletes a detailed "What to Bring" list but you will need to bring workout/rowing clothing, some casual clothes, a towel, waterbottle, sunglasses, hat/visor, rowing shell (windproof jacket), plenty of workout socks, one special personal item that makes you happy, sunscreen and a GOOD ATTITUDE. You will also want to bring any necessary medications you reuqire and spending money for snacks and souvenirs. 

Q: What medical options do we have at the camp? 

A: We will have athletic trainers check in with our team every other day. It is your responsibility to check in with the RSR Coaches first and then the trainers if you have any concerns, aches and pains or questions. The coaches are not doctors and will require that you meet with the trainers if you cannot row at full pressure or have any joint or muscle pain. If for any reason you need to see a Doctor, there are two nearby facilities: Christiana Care Medical Aid Unit (open 8am-8pm) for non emergencies and the Middletown Freestanding Emergency Room (open 24/7). 

What is your refund policy? 

A: Every athlete who applies must pay a non-refundable application fee ($15). Each athlete is personally interviewed by Coach Holly. Accepted athletes who register for the Ready Set Row Development Camp will pay the full cost of the camp ($4,899) which includes the non-refundable deposit of $1,500. Any athlete who has registered for the camp and needs to withdraw must notify the Ready Set Row staff by email only ( and must include the following information: Athlete's Name, Amount of Money Paid, Name for Refund Check, Address for Refund Check and Reason for Withdrawal. You will receive a confirmation from Ready Set Row if you send this email. 100% of the remaining balance will be refunded up to April 19. 25% of the remaining balance will be refunded up to May 19. No refunds will be offered after May 19, and no refunds will be offered for "no show" athletes and/or those who fail to notify Ready Set Row of any change in plans. All online payments will be refunded back to the card or account. Once the program commences, there are no refunds. Any athletes sent home due to illness, injury, inappropriate behavior, or homesickness are not eligible for a refund. Injured athletes may stay at St. Andrews despite their injury to learn through observation. These athletes will need approval from a Doctor.

Any athlete who breaks a RSR Rule during training or while traveling/competing will be immediately sent home regardless whether she has additional races. Parents will be immediately notified and the athlete will need to leave (at her own cost and arrangement) within 24 hours. 

Q: What if I am invited to a Junior National Team Camp? 

A: Any athlete who is accepted to Ready Set Row and pays the deposit and is then invited to a US Rowing Junior Training Camp will receive a full refund. Additionally, any athlete who is not accepted to a Junior National Team Selection Camp can apply to Ready Set Row after the deadline provided that Ready Set Row has the space to accommodate the athlete.